Service to man is service to God.

Service to man is service to God. We are most happy when we can serve the underprivileged. The Desai Family follows the teaching of Sathya Sai Baba whose simple message is “Love All, Serve All”. His institutes support the needs of the underprivileged, in southern part of India, at no cost to the recipient. The institutes are setup to serve in the areas of Healthcare, Educare and Sociocare. We support the local non-profit trust that undertakes these initiatives as well as aid in disaster relief efforts around the world. Every penny goes directly to the project without any overhead costs.


Providing medical treatment to the rural villages in India free of cost.The four hospitals serve more than 800,000 patients a year. The Mobile Hospitals are mobile buses clinics that take the health services to the rural doorstep to more than 500,000 villagers. The treatments rendered with love and selfless service sets an exemplary model for the world to adapt.


From elementary school to post graduate level students receive free education. The philosophy under these institutions not only provide outstanding secular knowledge but put equal emphasis on providing studentswith wisdom to lead righteous and responsible lives, serve in society with ultimate goal of attaining liberation.


The basic necessity of shelter, food and water is a right of every human being. Serving the most distressed is the good fortune of those who provide relief. We strive to partner with institutions that provide the basic needs lovingly and selflessly.

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